Susan Boyle's Debut CD Album is Here!

Susan Boyle is named #1 viral video of 2009 by TIME!



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Susan Boyle's first BGT appearance
is named #1 viral video of 2009
by TIME!

You can read all about it here in TIME!

Watch Susan Boyle's YouTube "I Dreamed a Dream" Video
of her first BGT appearance here!

Click Here to view a high quality full version of Her awesome "I Dreamed a Dream" YouTube Video:


Susan Boyle's Debut CD Album is Here!

Order your copies of Susan Boyle's "I Dreamed A Dream" CD Now!


It features Wild Horses and Silent Night!

The Debut CD Sound Track Listing Includes:

Wild Horses
I Dreamed A Dream
Cry Me A River
How Great Thou Art
You’ll See
Daydream Believer
Up To The Mountain
Amazing Grace
Who I Was Born To Be
The End Of The World
Silent Night

Susan Boyle sings "I Dreamed A Dream" in BGT Final
and takes 2nd place behind Diversity

Susan Boyle faces final hurdles in dreamlike rise

The AP has a very nice story available here regarding Susan Boyle's stunning global rise to fame,
and the upcoming Britain's Got Talent finals.


Portions of the sensationally oriented UK press has been doing a lot of carping lately
and Piers Morgan has weighed in on his blog, available here, in defense of Susan Boyle.


Susan Boyle performs "Memory" from the musical "Cats"
in the Semi Final of Britain's Got Talent


Susan Boyle wins the public vote performing
"Memory" from the musical "Cats"
in the Semi Final of Britain's Got Talent


The definitive final 40 Britains Got Talent competition list from itv.com

When Simon, Piers and Amanda went to the deliberation room, over-looking the Tower of London, they knew they’d face some tough decisions. The fortunes of some come at the misfortune of others, and with an unprecedented 200-plus making it through to the deliberation stage – more people than ever were set to be disappointed, when they were told: “I’m sorry it’s a no.”

However, for all the sobs of dejection there were plenty of tears of joy, as 40 of the most talented acts in Britain heard those magic words: “You’re through to the semi-finals!”

In alphabetical order, here is the definitive list:

Aidan Davis – Dancer
Ben and Becky – Ballroom Dancers
Brit Chix – Rock Band
Callum Francis – Musical Theatre
Darth Jackson – Michael Jackson/ Darth Vader Impersonator
DCD Seniors – Dance Troupe
Diversity – Street Dancers
DJ Talent – Rapper
Dream Bears – Comedy Dancers
Fabia Cerra – Burlesque Dancer
Faces of Disco – Comedy Dancers
Flawless – Street Dancers
Floral High Notes – Flower Arranging and Opera Singing
Fred Bowers – Breakdancer
Gareth Oliver – Comedy Impersonator
Good Evans – Family Singing Group
Greg Pritchard – Male Soprano
Harmony – Musical Theatre
Hollie Steel – Singer/ Dancer
Hot Honeyz – Dancers
Jackie Prescott and Tippy Toes – Dog Act
Jamie Pugh – Singer
Julia Naidenko – Belly Dancer
Julian Smith – Saxophonist
Kay Oresanya – The Living Saxophone
Luke Clements – Juggler/ Street Performer
Mama Trish – Drag Act
Martin Machum – Guitarist
MD Showgroup – Dancers
Merlin Cadogan – Physical Performer
Natalie Okri – Singer
Nick Hell – Street Performer
Shaheen Jafargholi – Singer
Shaun Smith – Singer
Stavros Flatly – Comedy Dancers
Sue Son – Violinist
Sugarfree – Street Dancers
Susan Boyle – Singer
The Barrow Boys – Wheelbarrow Dancing
2 Grand - Singers

Susan Boyle to be on Oprah! Simon Cowell says she can't sing for Oprah!

Susan Boyle will appear on the Oprah Winfrey Show this coming Monday featuring a special episode event titled: "The World's Got Talent". Simon Cowell is also to appear on the same show. Some of the stories about an exclusive Oprah film crew tour of her home can be found here. mirror.co.uk reports that Simon Cowell has banned Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle from singing on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Read about that flap here. Up-to-date show schedules for Oprah can be found at: http://www.oprah.com/index.
Full official information about The World's Got Talent with Susan Boyle and Oprah is here:

Susan Boyle - Simon Cowell - Oprah Winfrey Preview Video


Susan Boyle on Oprah Winfrey Show Video Story - ET


Susan Boyle on Oprah Winfrey Show - ITN


Susan Boyle Makeover

Susan Boyle has had an appearance update from frumpy greyish to a more glamorous chestnut brown, following a dye-coloring session with a hairdresser. TheSun reports it as a 35GBP - 50USD makeover.



The Associated Press also has a nice story.

Susan Boyle's Postie speaks about her success

The Scottish Daily Record spoke with Lewis Adamson, the Blackburn Postie
whose postbag has increased so much since Susan's rise to stardom
and the hundreds of letters arriving daily!

You can view the postie's interview exclusively here at The Daily Record

REUTERS has a nice collection of Susan Boyle pictures - images

You can view them here and purchase them also if you wish.

New Susan Boyle video singing "I Don't Know How To Love Him"

The Daily Mirror, mirror.co.uk has a forgotten video unearthed by the Mirror showing Britain's got Talent sensation Susan Boyle, singing the Jesus Christ Superstar hit
"I Don't Know How To Love Him", at a family gathering when she was 25.


If the player does not load, click here to see it on YouTube

Click here to read about and see this exclusive Daily Mirror video at the Daily Mirror



The Scottish Daily Record has apparently uncovered the only prior CD recording of a song ever made by Scotland’s singing sensation Susan Boyle. It was for a charity event. The song was "Cry Me A River".
You can listen to it here exclusively at The Daily Record.



A early recording of "Cry Me a River" and "Killing Me Softly" by Susan Boyle has been found by telegraph.co.uk.

If the player does not load, please go to the link below.

You can read about it and listen to it exclusively here at telegraph.co.uk


Susan Boyle performs "Whistle Down The Wind" written by Andrew Lloyd Webber
for his musical of the same title for MSNBCs Monica Novotny


If the player does not load, you can view "Whistle Down The Wind" here on YouTube


Susan Boyle sings a cappella for CNN.
You can see and listen to it here on CNN. or below!




The official "Britain's Got Talent" website is here: http://talent.itv.com/


Susan Boyle sings 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion for CNN's Larry King.
Watch the full interview and song here! or below!

Embedded video from CNN Video

Susan Boyle's Family Photo Album is shown by mirror.co.uk
Read about it here!


Susan Boyle "A Cinderella Story" "From Spinster to Star!" from CNN ShowBiz.



Fresh daily news tidbits about Susan Boyle!

Local UK - Scottish newspapers provide lots of local Susan Boyle news and feature stories.
The UK - Scottish newspapers thrive on gossip!
Listed below are some of the newspapers to browse for Susan Boyle news.

West Lothian Courier http://www.westlothiancourier.co.uk/

The Sun http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/

Telegraph.co.uk http://www.telegraph.co.uk/

The Daily Record http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/

The Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/


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